To preserve the condition of the jewellery & chain accessories, we recommend keeping your heels in the velvet pouch or plastic pouch provided and not to be placed directly on the tissue paper for prolonged periods of time. The shoes can also be kept completely out of the box.

Avoid direct & indirect moisture on the accessory components over time. Wipe down with a dry cloth if this does occur and leave out of the box overnight to ensure the surface is completely dry before placing back into the plastic bag & shoebox.

We recommend a quick regular clean to avoid potential moisture buildup.

Metallic care guide

Due to the delicate nature of gold foiling & metallic foiling, we recommend

  • Applying a waterproof spray prior to wear & regularly if worn often
  • Always store them in the shoe pouch provided
  • Only clean with special leather wipes that contain canuba wax, as they are gentle and won't strip the metallic finish.